Monthly Archives: February 2011

Thing-a-day 2: They’re made of meat!

It’s a meatsaic origami! Pictures of meat cut from a cookbook and folded into a textured origami mosaic. So that’s fun.

Thing-a-day 2

I’m either the World’s Worst Vegetarian (which has been suggested at times) or going for a kind of paperfolding gross out. Honestly, not sure.

Thing-a-day 1: Tetris watercolor

This year I’m doing Thing-a-day, a Nanowrimo-like month of creating short, discrete projects. This goes well with my constant annoying admonishment that geeks should do things with their hands more.

For my first, a watercolor of a game that has consumed far too much of my life:

Thing-a-day 1

I knew I wanted to do a painting, but I was struggling for what, until synopticlabs showed me his lovely video game inspired thing a day, and I could ruthlessly steal the idea for my own.

…and we’re off!