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All logos are precious, so damn precious.

I read through the logo guidelines on Twitter’s new birdie. You’re not allowed to modify it or give it a speech bubble, presumably so no one mixes up your crazy rantings with the official crazy rantings of Twitter.

Predictably, I couldn’t resist. I will admit, I’d be fascinated to meet the person that can’t tell this from Official Twitter Communication. And check for a pulse.

1000 ledes n + 21: Nothing New Under the Sun

The present is always providing a stream of historical metaphors for the future. For instance, in the Exxon controlled algae fuel future, government heavies break down the doors of poor people at the company’s behest. People that can’t license Exxon’s patented algae, but provide their neighbors and villages with illicit energy, run the risk of violent arrest, property destruction, and having everything they own covered in bleach in the course of IP enforcement.