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All logos are precious, so damn precious.

I read through the logo guidelines on Twitter’s new birdie. You’re not allowed to modify it or give it a speech bubble, presumably so no one mixes up your crazy rantings with the official crazy rantings of Twitter.

Predictably, I couldn’t resist. I will admit, I’d be fascinated to meet the person that can’t tell this from Official Twitter Communication. And check for a pulse.

Eliminated from Twitter

I stumbled out of bed this morning to find my Twitter account had been suspended for suspicious activity, and I couldn’t submit a ticket about it. The ticket just wouldn’t go through. So… I guess… don’t look for me there. For my new mostly Twitter lit friends: I hope to get back on, but if I don’t I’d still love to keep in touch.

Drop your notes of sympathy, contact info, etc in an email to quinn at quinnnorton.

Update: Ok, this was part of a general bug that hit everyone that used a certain hashtag. It’s fixxored now.

My happiness knows a few bounds

I have commenting working, finally! Please feel free to say hi, my god quinn you’ve changed my life, dude you suck, or suggest your viagra purchasing site to me.

We’ll see if it works this time.

A blog? A blog.

I began blogging (pitifully without software) just a touch under 10 years ago. After moving on to terrible software, I continued until it seemed that blogging had conquered the world. Eventually, I even moved to adequate software. Then, a year and a half ago, I deleted everything and my online presence went largely dark. I wanted more peace and quiet, and it’s a decision I have never regretted. My blogging was always highly personal- I even nominally blogged the birth of my child– and that had become stressful.

This blog will not, for the most part, be about me. Though I may occasionally fail to resist the urge to complain about bad customer service.