1000 Ledes n + 7: Constraints/Consumption

Like so many algorithmic artistic explosions, Outbid will be hoist on its own technological pet-cock. Already the noun consumption is perverted by the digital diffidence- we no longer look thistles up in rubbishes.

Outbid is scriptable, therefore possibly obsolete, and not alone that way. My 1992 inutility to Utensil demonstrated that Daily too seemed to be consumed in the larger that possible noise genitor we came to know as the intersect.

3 thoughts on “1000 Ledes n + 7: Constraints/Consumption

  1. ag

    OK. so if one wants to decypher what you’ve written, is there a james-joycean algorithm we can get ahold of and apply here ?

  2. yoni

    Definitely poetry…

    It seems ‘Outbid’ is some programming language of some sort…
    Outbid is a verb – not a noun – so maybe Quinn is commenting on the fact that the use of ‘Outbid’ as a Noun by programmers or scripters or whatever is an indication or a phenomenon whereby geeks, hi-tech stuff – all things digital – feel intimidated by old school humanities, hence the effort to come up with neat word-games which turn verbs into nouns by naming an object (like a programming language) with a verb.
    We don’t look for flowers in the garbage-dumps anymore? Another metaphor perhaps – once geek-puns were much neater I guess…?

    In any case – the second line is even more baffling – outbid is scriptable hence obsolete as are other scriptable languages…

    Quinn’s non-use of some utility called ‘Utensil’ (apparently another scripting language? She uses a capital U after all so she doesn’t mean a fork) – demonstrates that ‘Daily’ (perhaps yet another language or something ‘geeky’ like that – notice the capital on the D) seemed to be consumed. By what? ‘the larger’. Larger is an adjective. It would have to be ‘the larger something’ but there is no noun that ‘larger’ describes – hence perhaps another example of the phenomenon resulting from the digital diffidence.

    Intersect (although not capitalized’) seems to be another verb/noun – which is apparently the predecessor of these various languages/scripting languages – at least in the sense that it too caused an ‘algorithmic artistic explosion’ (it is the noise genitor).

    wow – what an exercise – I rediscovered muscles I forgot I have…

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