Not so much behind on Thing-a-day

As behind on Thing-a-day posts, but here’s the big catch-up…

Thing a day 12

Thing-a-day 12: A necklace on me.

Thing a day- blue brocade

Thing-a day 13: Blue origami brocade (made on a plane)

Thing a day

Thing-a-day 14: A spray of lilies for my sweetheart. (8 double flowers)

Thing a day

Thing-a-day 15: Galaga ship in perler beads! I am a dork! An old dork!

Thing a day

Thing-a-day 16: Ada teaches me hand knitting. I used it as a belt.

Thing a day

Thing-a-day 17: Something for my Galaga ship to shoot at.

Ok, I’m also behind on Things. But that could change any minute now. See you on the other side of things!